Andrew Burford

Head of Entrepreneurship, Grantham Institute at Imperial College London

Andrew has over 30 years experience working as both an employee, entrepreneur, senior executive and advisor in high-growth technology and cleantech businesses in the UK and California. He has been involved in three successful stockmarket listings in the tech sector (2 on NASDAQ and 1 on LSE) and he also has the benefit of the learnings from being involved with a number of start-ups that did not succeed.
Andrew is the Accelerator Lead at the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment and in 2012, Andrew founded the Accelerator activities at Imperial College London’s Centre of Cleantech Innovation. The centre has produced a portfolio of over 40 graduated climate positive teams who, between them, have raised over $140m in early stage funding.
Prior to his work at Imperial, Andrew has spent time in corporate venturing, M&A and interim management. His academic field of interest is around the optimisation of success rates for early stage technology businesses.