Founded in 2007, Ambienta has raised more than €1bn to date, representing the largest pool of capital focused on industrial growth investments driven by sustainability trends of resource efficiency and pollution control.  Ambienta works across Europe and operates out of three offices in Milan, Düsseldorf and London.

We have set the foundations of future collaboration with Ambienta around:

- Sharing of methodologies, including Environmental Impact Analysis methodology and ESG in Action programmes and reporting frameworks;

- Pipeline sharing through analysis of the opportunities for innovation in the plastics value chain and we will look to build a common approach to measure impact in the field of plastic pollution; and

- Bringing further profile and visibility around the importance of sustainability awareness and on investment approaches delivering environmental impact.

“Sky Ocean Ventures is developing a unique ecosystem to help innovators flourish across Europe and see their solutions adopted at scale by consumers. Our partnership with Ambienta, such a leading European sustainability focused investment fund will further our reach and enable us to develop new tools to guide our investments and report on its impact.”  Fred Michel, Group Director, Impact Investment and Ocean Ventures

“Ambienta has been created to support companies driven by sustainability trends in their growth path. After 10 years of investments across Europe we are delighted to partner with Sky Ocean Ventures to share our experience in growing sustainability driven investments and impact measurement.” Nino Tronchetti Provera, Managing Partner & Founder of Ambienta