Date of investment:
July 2018

Rodrigo García González, Pierre-Yves Paslier, and Lise Hosinger

Our vertical:
Material Innovation


We make packaging disappear

Notpla are revolutionising the use of natural materials such as seaweed, to create packaging solutions with low environmental impact. This means creating materials that breakdown quickly once disposed of, as well as ensuring a low carbon footprint.

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Their first product, “Ooho”, is a home compostable membrane that can be used for a range of liquids, including water, condiments, and juices, for take-away or events markets.  The Ooho depends on a proprietary Notpla machine to produce the Ooho which enables local manufacturing of the packaging closer to the point of consumption.

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Rethinking packaging

Notpla is also developing other packaging solutions, such as liners and films, to be able to replace unnecessary plastic wherever possible. They believe that natural packaging is truly the way forward for anything that does not require a significant shelf-life, enabling the consumer to still have disposable products without the guilt of using plastic.