Date of investment:
December 2018

Cait Murray-Green and Tracy White

Our vertical:
Circular economy

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Waste to wealth in a circular economy

Based in Scotland and formed with assistance from University of Strathclyde, CuanTec has developed a low energy, biological process to convert marine and aquaculture waste into high quality chitin and then its derivation chitosan which can be converted into antimicrobial, home compostable film packaging.

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The CuanTec process allows value to be generated from a waste product and in addition, due to the anti-microbial properties in the film, it extends food shelf life reducing food waste and then ultimately returns those resources back to the environment via natural, non-toxic degradation.

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Next generation compostable packaging

CuanTec’s approach turns waste resources into valuable compostable and antimicrobial packaging that can directly replace non-recyclable film currently used in a range of fresh food packaging.