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Five UK innovations could change our relationship with waste – National Geographic

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Sky Ocean Ventures announces 10 deals in partnership with the UK innovation Agency

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European Maritime Day

Sky Ocean Ventures at the European Maritime Day

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Sky News Italy on Sky Ocean Ventures partnership

Sky Tg24 on Sky Ocean Ventures and Ambienta partnership

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ClearlySo IIFC 2019 - Interview with Frederic Michel

Sky Group at UK Impact conference

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Sky News on Ocean Ventures and Nat Geo partnership

Sky Ocean Ventures partners with Nat Geo to reduce single-use plastic

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National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures Launch Global Search for Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge

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ClearlySo Impact Investment Funds Conference 2019

Panel discussion – Impact investing, why take the plunge?

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Professor Duncan Wingham's thoughts about Sky Ocean Ventures and UK Government partnership

Professor Duncan Wingham, UK Research and Innovation’s Lead for the Plastics Research Innovation Fund and Executive Chair of the Natural Environment Research Council

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Sky News on Ocean Ventures and UK Government Partnership

Duncan Wingham and Frederic Michel on Sky Sunrise launching a unique investment partnership calling for UK impact-driven start-ups aiming to reduce plastic waste.

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Financial Times on Sky/Innovate UK partnership

Sky teams up with UK government to tackle plastic waste

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A Royal Society of Chemistry livestream from the Huxley Summit

Single-use plastics – what are the issues and what are the solutions?

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Launch of Sky Ocean Ventures

Sky launches Sky Ocean Ventures to invest in ideas and businesses who can help solve the oceans plastic crisis

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Evening Standard article

Sky launches £25 million fund to tackle ocean pollution as the war on plastics moves into overdrive

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Forbes magazine article

Sky Invests £25m To Fight Plastic Crisis Highlighted By TV's Blue Planet

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