Accelerating ideas to solve the ocean plastic crisis

A bold new creation

Our Approach

  • We are looking for companies creating:
    • Scalable innovations along the entire plastics value chain, from material innovation to end of life;
    • Technology-enhanced business models that foster more responsible consumption by consumers and businesses; and 
    • Efficiency improvements in the recycling, clean-up and treatment of waste plastics that can create a more circular economy approach.
  • We are primarily focused on companies based Europe but we appreciate this is a global issue.
  • Importantly, we want to support entrepreneurs building globally impactful businesses. 
  • We are a media-powered impact investment fund and the first non-strategic fund launched by a FTSE 30 plc to tackle an environmental issue.
  • We currently have a £25M anchor commitment from our business.  
  • We support impact-driven entrepreneurs creating new science, technology and innovations that can create scalable solutions to address the global ocean plastic crisis.
  • Sky has always believed that is has a role to play to bring attention to bigger issues in society
  • Sky Ocean Ventures is our latest approach to catalysing change
  • At the core, we want to reduce plastics leakage into our environment, increase awareness around the effects of plastics and improve the plastics value chain to create a more sustainable approach.
  • It is an important for us to support innovators who believe that this is a problem that can be solved and have a clear vision on how to achieve this.
  • We know the plastics value chain is broken and requires new unconstrained thinking to create a new system.
  • We are fostering an innovation ecosystem with our partners and we want to invest at the earliest stages with the most ambitious innovators.
  • We invest from pre-seed through to Series A.   In practical terms, that means from the very first money to turn an idea into something concrete through to funding for scaling a product or service that has paying users. 
  • We can invest on our own or with others.   
  • If you have a solution that you believe can drive change in the way we use, recycle, and ultimately value plastics then please get in touch
  • We run an efficient decision process:
    • We will endeavour to give you feedback as soon as possible after an initial telephone call or meeting if we think your idea is a something that fits with our approach.
    • We then typically do some more detailed analysis by our core fund team to help us evaluate your plans and then ultimately our decisions are made by our investment committee who are ready to support our innovators with their experience and networks.
  • Sky has always tried to be more than a business and the Sky Ocean Rescue mission is a part of Sky’s DNA.
  • Our broader campaign is driven by the people at the very top of our company
  • When we invest in a company, we can call on volunteers from over 30,000 employees globally to help our portfolio companies solve their hardest problems across all areas: including product, marketing, business strategy, operations, finance.   
  • We also have an “Innovators-in-Residence" program where start-ups can come and trial products on our Sky Campus in West London.
  • Ultimately, our most valuable asset is our global voice.    Each innovative solution will also be showcased on Sky channels to raise awareness among our viewers, help adoption and change behaviours.
  • We believe our most important is to champion our innovators and drive change.

Our Innovators

Our Partners